We take a ground-up approach to designing websites to provide you with a unique and attractive presence on-line. Tera Partners can help to market your business through innovative and creative design as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which results in a very cost-effective solution to accurately list your organization for visitors searching for your products or services.


We also specialize in designing mobile sites, to accompany an existing or newly designed website, which is functionally and visually optimized for most major smartphone platforms (Android, iPhone, WebOS, Blackberry).


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Tera Partners will work with your organization to design, implement and support custom web-based applications consistent with your business requirements. We can build comprehensive solutions where Off-The-Shelf products are not suitable.


Utilizing Microsoft's .NET environment and our Web Design skills, we create functional, clean and intuitive customized applications.



We provide solutions for organizations needing to analyze or aggregate large amounts of data or create custom print-ready or electronic versions of reports for distribution.


We provide reporting services either on an hourly or fixed price project basis.


Utilizing Microsoft’s SQL Server, organizations are able to process large amounts of information with Enterprise platform stability and performance. These databases need to be maintained to continue to provide those benefits. Tera Partners can design, implement and support new and existing databases.


Our maintenance plans are designed to incorporate Database Management (DBA) in the overall infrastructure support model which provides a holistic approach of our services to each aspect of your business.